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Caye Chapel Golf taking a Mulligan

For the past few years we have planned some good parties for Paul’s Birthday. Last year it was the Caribbean Birthday Breakfast, Cindy cooked up a big breakfast and we had a bunch of friends come hang out  for a pool party.  The year before that we traveled 15 miles north on one of the Seaduced boats for super fun  Belize camping adventure at Robles point , nothing like waking up on the beach. Back in 2009 we did a spectacular potluck sunrise cruise on the Seaduction catamaran and lucked out with Elito as out Captain. We ended up Sailing as far as Long Caye.

This Year Paul decided he wanted to golf  Caye Chapel, between Cowboy Doug and Doc we got Evan’s contact at Caye Chapel Resort and Doc went ahead and made all the arrangements and offered that 12 of us could do a gas split and go over in his time share boat. I did a quick check in with Evan to make sure the non golfers would have a good place to lounge. He said we would be well set to lounge at the beach, unfortunately the pool was getting re-tiled and it was not an option.

Caye Chapel is still up for sale and not officially open to the public right now but arrangements can be made to golf there. Caye chapel rates for us to go spend the day there was $75 usd for golfers and $25 usd for non golfers.

We met at Fido’s dock for 9am to board the boat and it looked like we could have been taking a week long vacation for all the stuff we had – I always say better to much food and something warm to wear for the ride home than not enough.

caye chapel
Ready for boat ride and golfing adventure
boat in belize
Loading up the boat
fidos dock san pedro belize
Boat loaded and ready to go to Caye Chapel
caribbean sea
Pit stop at gas station on the Caribbean Sea - $25 bzd x 12 for enough gas
boat in belize
Adding some oil
gas prices in belize
Paying $300 bzd for oil and gas

And we set off like a herd of turtles on our way for our  Caye Chapel golf day. We were doing ok then all of a sudden the waves got worse and the people at the back of the boat started getting a salt water bath, as we neared Caye Caulker it only got worse and we all got soaked. Even though the consensus was that once we hit the lee side of the island it would be much calmer, Doc our captain made the right call that we needed to turn around as it would have been worse coming home.

We all agreed to take a mulligan and that we would have an even better time going back then the pool was finished. In a golf game,  a mulligan happens when a player gets a second chance to perform a certain move or action. The practice is also sometimes referred to as a do-over. It was a rough ride back and even though we were a bit disappointed that our golfing party did not work out it turned out to be a great day.

In the name of always being prepared – Plan b was for all the boat people and their coolers to go hose down, suit up, come to our house and enjoy a chilled out afternoon pool party. It worked out perfectly and we got to have a happy ending with Wade the Gringo Burgers from Roadkill bar.

fidos san pedro belize
Back to Fido's Dock
boat in belize
Susan beside the boat looking for tie up rope in water
belize sea life
Saw a few rays gliding by in the water while waiting
belize boat picture
Docking the boat
boat in belize image
Andy watching Susan in the water
belize boat image
Got all the gear and coolers off the boat
fidos san pedro belize
Off comes Captain Doc
caye chapel
Food and drinks - plan b pool party
belize bars
Finished with a happy ending Gringo Burger and fries from Roadkill


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