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Caribbean Birthday Breakfast

Back track to Saturday morning. Making Paul’s birthday cake now – vanilla with dark chocolate icing – caramel in the middle and candy on top. After a trip to Greenhouse I am also going to do lots of mini’s – muffins and and cornbread. Anyone seen mini muffin cupcake papers for sale on the island?

Belize food / baking tip – Crack your eggs separately in a bowl then ad to cake mix one by one. Not that it happens often but I have had a bad egg here before.

It was smokin hot yesterday – perfect pool party weather. As you can see from the pics everyone had a great time.


  1. I didn’t see Jambo there. Has he been banned since that party last year when he murdered all the floaties?
    Looked like great fun!

  2. That was lots of fun – and it’s not every day that you managae to traumatize small children with sparklers!

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