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The Heart of Nature – Belize

Things are moving right along – Harold [and Gayle Cox]  emailed me wanting to donate $100 usd towards a wheelbarrow and possibly a back support belt. He asked if I could find out of Pedro’s Hotel would allow him to run his card there since they know him from a recent visit – Pedro was all in to help and told me to sort it out with Cindy. But wait that is not all Harmouche has offered to help match a wheel barrow donation to make sure we show up with at least two  on Sunday. That is my goal to bring two or more of everything on Eric’s list and we have 2 days to pull it off. Heather is also working in Canada to get donations as well.

1) Back Support Belts- the kind that you use for moving heavy weights- we do plenty of that! 10-12 of them would be great!

2) Shovels- we could use 3-4 more.

3) Wheel barrows- the ones we currently have are well-used. I know that they are expensive.

4) Knee-high rubber boots- 5 pair for our workers who wade through the disgusting waters to lay the bedrock for the road.

Still trying to sort out potluck too and wondering how that will all come together. Hoping a cheap option for chicken rice and beans will fall into my lap and some kind of sweet treat for afterward.

This came in from Vernon…

Just talked to the head chef.. cost would be $12.00 BZ per plate.. now this is the catcher.. and selling point..As a special favor for me, The Chef who won Chef of the Year last year Chef Victor will be cooking Sunday for your group… we will need a head count so we have the correct amount of chicken as we do not want to spend more then what is coming in. We will need to know by Sat. how many are arriving for lunch.

Guarantee it will be to die for…

I am hoping that we can pull this off and get enough donations for the regular road crew – everyone else  else can buy their own. Still open to potluck too and hope people will bring items that are easily shared out among many. Ruthie made a paypal donation this morning which will go towards 2 portions of food for the regular work crew – 38 to go.


Today’s pictures were taken by Heather are  a reminder of why the road and composting toilets are so important for San Mateo from an ecological standpoint.

8 thoughts on “The Heart of Nature – Belize

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks for stepping up Harold and Gayle. The road project needs all the help they can get which is why I decided to make that my birthday party this year.

  2. harold says:

    way to go harmouche , is there anyone else out there that can help . i know a lot of us be there to help but a donation will have to do . keep up the good work tg .

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