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You are all invited…

If you somehow have not seen my facebook invitation I am putting it here too. FB was acting up when I was making it and I am pretty sure people either did not get it or got it more than once.

The first donation from items off Eric’s list has come in. I got a pm this morning saying two shovels are waiting at SP Hardware with a note on them ‘San Mateo project’.  How exciting – many thanks to the people who donated. If it is within your budget please consider an item off the list below.

Was busy today with a few meetings upstairs at El Divino – Banana Beach Resort and we did airport pick up and drop off for Cindy at Maya Island Air so we could use her cart while she was on the mainland. It is stinking hot here today and looks like rain is going to hit soon [hopefully] lots of lightening in the sky right now. On the way back to the airport we stopped and got the shovels another thing crossed off the list. Ran into Jack and Lisa as well and dropped them off at Waruguma in town.

Time – 8:00am – 1:00pm
September 5 th
Location San Mateo [meet at the bridge]

Pot Luck party

You are invited to my birthday party birthday Sunday September 5th – 8:00am [real bday Sept 8th]. Bring a friend or 2 and meet at the Bridge with a pot luck item and road building attire.

From there we will head to the school to drop off our food items and head to the computer lab to watch a 15 min video.

Following this we will head to San Mateo and Eric offered to take those who want to walk the London bridges on a short tour.

Those who want to get right to it can start on the road – building goes on till noon [weekly event].

Then we pot luck at the school.

San Pedro Belize

I asked Eric who is out there every Sunday and he asked the guys what they could use – here is a list of a items that they need/want in order to make the road project work better. If you are able to bring something with from this list with you please do – this effort of building a proper road is so important.

1) Back Support Belts- the kind that you use for moving heavy weights- we do plenty of that! 10-12 of them would be great!

2) Shovels- we could use 3-4 more.

3) Wheel barrows- the ones we currently have are well-used. I know that they are expensive.

4) Knee-high rubber boots- 5 pair for our workers who wade through the disgusting waters to lay the bedrock for the road.

All of the items will be properly taken care of and – distributed and re-collected on work days.

If you cannot come and still want to participate consider sending something along for potluck donating something from the list above to the road project.

San Pedro Belize

San Pedro Belize

4 thoughts on “You are all invited…

  1. tacogirl says:

    Hi Gregory. Consider a scouting trip to see what it is like here and what area you would like to live in. Must be cold in Edmonton in winter – main reason why we left Toronto and moved here. For retirement here you need to have a certain amount coming in monthly think it is around $2000 – $2400 usd – check this link

  2. Gregory Poirier says:

    Hi…I kinda barged in on your Blog….and you seem to be leading a comfortable and relaxed lifestyle down there. I am totally discouraged with life here in Edmonton Canada, and am seriously entertaining pulling up stakes. I was going to try and continue working here till age 65,before making a move….but I just can’t hack this place , anymore…and need to leave. I’ve travelled a lot abroad, when I was younger. Is it too far fetched an idea, that I assemble around $10,000….and fly down to Belize to “re-establish”??? I don’t mind working, but that would be just for the experience of it. I’m single, 62, have some University degrees, but not afraid to get my hands dirty. Is it then, reasonable to entertain the idea of RETIRING” in Belize?. And maybe staying busy there till then?. Cheers, Greg

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