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Hot Friday

It is a cooker today. I am sitting here waiting for coast to coast to come on in Guam – looking forward to my morning dose of talk radio.

It is really coming together together for my road building birthday party Sunday – huge thanks to Jana and CJ who donated 38 lunches for the regular road workers this morning. In addition to that we have 2 shovels – 2 wheel barrows and $190 USD that Heather and Joanne raised which will go for tall rain-boots and back support belts.

Cindy loaned us her cart this aft so Dick and I took the opportunity to do a grocery and errand run. We got a lot of stuff done and I took lots of pictures. Waiting for Paul to bring home pizza now for dinner.


  1. Thanks Sunbreeze Suits – we did have a good time.

  2. Congratulations and I hope you had a great time, greetings

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