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Homemade Mosquito Trap

I got a nice email from Jay a reader today and he sent me something that looks like it could be quite useful a simple homemade mosquito trap. The ingredients are pretty simple –  200 ml water – 1 gram of yeast – 50 grams of brown sugar – a 1 liter plastic bottle and black plastic to cover the bottle.

The theory behind it all is that the yeast combines with the sugar and starts to ferment the sugar making carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is one of the things mosquitoes seek out.

Miraculously our skeeters have not been to bad lately but I am going to collect the ingredients so I can make one of these when they get worse.

Met Vernon and Eric at Harmouche today to get the wheel barrows. Afterward we went to Capt Sharks to see about tall rubber boots and struck out so Vernon and Eric went on to Castillos hardware to look for back support belts Paul went to Pedro’s Hotel to get his bike and I decided to wander for a bit. [Anyone out there seen tall rain boots or hip-waders on the island or have some they do not use and are willing to donate to a good cause?]

It was a steamy 30C today and as I walked around town it did not take long to overheat. I got to thinking ahead about tomorrow and how hot it would be building the road – have to admit the words  ‘what was I thinking’ came to mind. In the end I know it will be a good time and I think helping the guys who are out there doing it weekly will give us a deeper appreciation for all their hard work on the much needed fabulous new road.

San Pedro Belize

San Pedro Belize

San Pedro Belize

San Pedro Belize

4 thoughts on “Homemade Mosquito Trap

  1. Jean says:

    Hey Taco Girl,
    Thanks for the homemade mosquito trap tip.
    One of the guys that works the garden caught Dengue.
    I am sure this will come in handi.
    Easy and cheap way to keep bugs away..

  2. tacogirl says:

    Hey Harold thanks again for your donation. It was very close Harold we had to add $25 from other money collected. Was great that Vernon got Harmouche to do a buy one get one deal. 35 you made me lol for real at that one add a few plus years there. Will take lots of digging pics for you.

  3. harold says:

    hi tq ,was the money donated enough to buy a wheel barrow . they do look nice and i hope that i can do more in the future , also happy birthday , you must 35 by now . happy digging .

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