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Lori Purdy Fundraiser

Reminder to stop by BC’s Beach Bar and Grill today from  11:30am until 2:30pm – Lori Purdy Fundraiser Lori broke her femur and needed over a week in hospital and major surgery, including pins and all. Need to help pay the bills… Lazy Croc will be selling plates of food, Chicken Gumbo over rice. Also, […]

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From Bleak to Bountiful a Belize Christmas Miracle

  Chatting with Heather on the coconut phone this morning and I got her to send me Tim Tam’s update so I could share it with all of you. [See below] Thanks to all my blog readers who answered my call for help and everyone else who came forward and helped the Word at Work make […]

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Urgent Call for Help

Woke up to some heartbreaking news from Gigi in fb news this morning. The Word at Work annual Christmas container full of donations was ransacked. Every year the Word at Work mission group buys a new pair of shoes for all the children in the orphanages that they serve. This year they wanted to do […]

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Abandoned and Shot Now Loved and Protected

There is no doubt that Si was probably a very cute puppy. It’s easy to imagine a child playing with him and enjoying the wonderful bond that develops between puppies and children. What is not so easy to imagine is how such a sweet potlicker grew up, having been cared for by someone and then […]

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Happy Tails – no Hankies Required

Happy Tails – no hankies required – unless you’re the sort that cries with happiness! In February, animal lovers were horrified to hear the sad story of  Zenda, the poor dog thrown over the fence at SAGA Humane Society. She had been used as a puppy machine, starved, chained and abused. As if that wasn’t […]

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Fawn & Thumper – Hankie Required

The domestic dog has been created, with careful breeding, for thousands of years to be a loyal companion, a hard worker, a protector for our homes and a friend for our children. The domestic dog is completely dependent upon humans for its basic needs such as food, water and care. It is a relationship that […]