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Useful Placencia Vacation Information

Recently I was asked a very good question by one of the tacogirl Facebook page followers. He is planning a Placencia Belize vacation and wanted to know what his late night shopping options were. Since I tend to pay very little attention to the time when I’m in Placencia because I am not usually on […]

placencia restaurant

Drinkable Tap Water and 3 Restaurants in Placencia

There is an old saying, you learn something new every day, and this applies to travel too. Every time I revisit somewhere I learn more. This time it was that the tap water in Placencia is drinkable. It sure was handy to learn that for making our morning iced coffee – thanks, Dave. Placencia peninsula […]

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AWOL internet in Placencia

Thankfully the connection Barefoot Bar beside the Belize Mixology course at the Tipsy Tuna in Placencia is good for us right now.  As a result, most of the time Fermin and I have tried to connect to the net and do something we get bounced around like ping pong balls. Even though has been frustrating, […]