Drinkable Tap Water and 3 Restaurants in Placencia

by tacogirl
placencia restaurant

There is an old saying, you learn something new every day, and this applies to travel too. Every time I revisit somewhere I learn more. This time it was that the tap water in Placencia is drinkable. It sure was handy to learn that for making our morning iced coffee – thanks, Dave.

Placencia peninsula is fortunate to have some of the cleanest water in Belize and is completely safe to drink.  Other parts of Belize that tap water is currently drinkable are Mango Creek, Big Creek, Independence and Seine Bight Villages. In San Pedro, we drink bottled water and while I do believe that the water from Consolidated Water is safe to drink, it is the pipes between the plant and our house that I am unsure about. It was the same for me in Toronto too especially when it was really hot in the summer – our tap water smelled faintly funky.

To read more about drinkable water in Belize, check out Top ten reasons why someone should vacation in Placencia, or even move there by Pure Placencia blog.

placencia belize tap water

Making our morning iced coffees with tap water

Onto the great restaurants part. Carlos and Sue took me to Mojo for a lovely dinner.  It was a toss up between shrimp pesto and the pear with brie, we picked the latter of the 2 bruschetta options and git was delicious. After trading tasters of our main courses, the consensus was that everything was delicious and we were all super pleased with our individual orders. I had coconut encrusted barracuda with veggies and scalloped potatoes -super tasty.

placencia restaurant

Mojo Restaurant

placencia belize

Inside Mojo

mojo restaurant placencia

Bruschetta with pear and brie

mojo restaurant placencia belize

Sue’s chili and lime style barracuda with scalloped potatoes

placencia restaurant

Carlos ordered his fish Mayan Style

mojo restaurant placencia belize

I could not resist the coconut encrusted barracuda with scalloped potatoes

After Mojo it was time to walk down to Barefoot Bar to meet up with Laura and Dave. Luckily wemcaught them just in time as they were not up for a late night. Since they have been renovating Caribbean Cabanas and getting ready for the high season, it has been early to bed and early to rise after a full day of work in the hot sun.

placencia sidewalk

After Mojo we walked the famous Placencia sidewalk to Barefoot Bar

placencia restaurant

Friday night at the Barefoot Beach Bar

beach bar placencia belize

Colorful chalkboard

beach bar placencia

Barefoot bar menu

These next pics are from the first night in Placencia, Carlo’s birthday at Mariposa restaurant  – you may have already caught them if you follow tacogirl.com facebook page. The food there was excellent. I ordered coconut shrimp and Caesar salad. Because it was Carlo’s birthday, Sharon the owner made him a delicious cake.

mariposa restaurant belize

Caesar salad and coconut shrimp

mariposa bed and breakfast placencia

Sharron’s cake was heavenly without of this world icing

placencia belize

Birthday boy Carlos and his wife Sue

The next night Fermin picked Charos Bar and Grill. I opted for coconut curry lobster and it was yummy. The pricing was good and it was close to the Tipsy Tuna so I ended up back there for lunch the next day.

placencia restaurant

Inside Charo’s

placencia restaurant

Charo’s menu

I will leave you with a few shots from my walk to work today, it is a gorgeous hot and sunny day. If it were not for the fact that I had a previously planned a dinner date in San Pedro, I would have stayed on longer.

placencia belize

Hand painted sign on the canal

placencia village

Canal view

hrbor hideaway placencia belize

Canal that runs the length of the road where Harbor Hideaway is located

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