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Rio Frio Cave and Pools on Rio – Mountain Pine Ridge Cayo District Belize

Rio Frio Cave and Pools on Rio full day trip by Zac.   We arose early for a buffet breakfast and an 8:30 start for the  Trip into the Pine Ridge Forest with stops at the Frio Rio cave and Pools on Rio. We had already stopped at Caracol Maya site as mentioned in my previous […]

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Caracol Full Day Trip

Here is part 2 of a 3 part series by Zac who recently traveled to Cayo area with his friend Terri who is on an extended visit from Canada.. Rio Frio Cave and Pools on Rio to follow. You can see his first post Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Cayo Belize. [Please note still titling pictures […]

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Marco Gonzalez Maya Ruin Site on Ambergris Caye

It’s not easy organizing a major volunteer effort from another country but Heather is pulling it together and in spite of the enormous challenges ahead of her. She managed to round up 8 of us to go collect and bag mangroves that were brought back to Karina’s house in San Mateo for future transplanting to […]

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A Four day Belize Itinerary

Been busy this morning getting ready for Saturday nights big fundraiser fashion show for Mama Vilma’s at the San Pedro fitness club. It is going to be a great party, I picked out my dress and have been wearing it around the house all morning. Luckily for Cindy and Cherie below us, my foot is […]

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The Beauty That is Belize

Step into a tropical wonderland. Lush rainforests, pristine white sand beaches and an abundant variety of exotic wildlife. This is Belize. Belize, a small country located in Central America, is nestled between the countries of Guatemala and Mexico. Bordered by the dazzling turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, it is a favorite for divers and […]