San Pedro Belize

Banyan Bay Market Day and a Great Belizean Product With a Strange Silly Name

Since I was away on a catamaran camping trip and unable to attend market day, my friend Jenna was able and willing to go snap off a few pictures and do the following short review for you. Saturday’s farmers’ market at Banyan Bay was delightful. Lots of room to shop around. The vendors had some […]

Belize Food Tours Invitation

WTF?! Where’s The Food?!

WTF?! Where’s The Food?! Belize Food Tours (BFT) is where the food is! It sounds pretty self-explanatory, right? Well, what it doesn’t tell you is the particularly obscure items on this adventure. The foods range from Ghetto Pringles to Goat Shit (don’t worry, it’s not actually goat shit). They also offer more common tasties like […]