Belize Food Tours Invitation

WTF?! Where’s The Food?!

WTF?! Where’s The Food?! Belize Food Tours (BFT) is where the food is! It sounds pretty self-explanatory, right? Well, what it doesn’t tell you is the particularly obscure items on this adventure. The foods range from Ghetto Pringles to Goat Shit (don’t worry, it’s not actually goat shit). They also offer more common tasties like Cuto Brut, yummy coconut that has been boiled down with sugar to a hard candy.

Unexpectedly there was also a touch of Belize folklore in the seasoned Macobi Seeds aka Pumpkin seeds. Legend has it they help keep your mind off a bad romance or distant lover. In the Creole language, the word Macobi is used to describe love-sickness.

All of that is just what BFT has shown us so far. Who knows what other tasty treats and heart healing foods have up their sleeve?

So many travelers want to know about local favorites and hidden food gems. Now the perfect option for you to explore, eat and discover is about to open its doors. This tour isn’t just for tourists or locals, it’s for everyone! Who doesn’t like food? The food ranges from sweet treats to savory snacks and every stop is different. Combined with a leisurely social walk through town where you never know what deliciousness could await you around the next corner. This is Belize, always expect the unexpected and be pleasantly surprised and quite possibly have a good story to tell later 😉

Make some friends and get your eat on with Belize Food Tours Website. The first tour is scheduled for May 28th. Thank you to BFT’s Dora and Fel for the fabulous invitation.

We had arranged by email that I would pick up my invitation from Lily’s Treasure Chest. As it turned out the day it got there was the day we struck liquid gold on Ambergris Caye. Thankfully I was able to take a few minutes at the end of the day to walk over and pick it up as you will see in the pictures below. Because I had to go straight back to the San Carlos Medical Center and the blood drive, I did not open my package till later.

When I got home, I spread all my goodies out on my kitchen counter. Visiting friends and I have been enjoying checking out the goods and asking questions about the new walking tour.

Find out more and see some delicious food at their Belize Food ToursFacebook page.

Belize Food Tours invitation
Invitation to the new San Pedro Walking tour


Walking tour San Pedro Belize
Picking up my invitation at Lily’s Treasure Chest


Belize Foods walking tour San Pedro
Explore Eat Discover – Belize Food Tours


Belize Foods walking tour
Yummy treats

Right Now 

The heading above is a common Belizean saying and generally tends to mean “I will get to it eventually.”

Since the food tour is still a week off I decided to give you some here and now food with a few pictures of the 2nd Truck Stop Farmers Market that happened yesterday. This time my shopping partner was Aimee and she wanted to get the jump start on the food. That worked perfectly for me as last time Jack, Michael and I were touring on Belize time and never made it until the end. That was not a bad thing though as I got some great “we do not want to take it home” sales from the farmhouse Deli.

Yesterday was just as hot, so I packed my fan, a hat, and sunscreen. From what I heard about the last one, I was anticipating a crowd – apparently, it was jam-packed at the start. Always a good sign that something is long overdue and there is good execution behind it.

This time around people were hungry for more, they came to the farmers market early and ready to shop. We got there around noon and it was in full swing. I went straight for the molasses brown bread from Farmhouse Deli in Belmopan as my first purchase, followed by peaches.

Next came socialization time as there were so many great people to chat with. Before long Aimee’s daughter Victoria came by with her boyfriend Ryan and that set us on the path to ice cream. I had a double scoop, sea salt caramel and coffee toffee in a cup with a waffle cone on top. That is my hot weather trick to still get the cone in but avoid the drips.

After lunch, we got to the real reason at hand – the all-important cheese curds. There are several of us that are wanting Ian to make this a regular occurrence and thanks to Clarabel, we picked up our 6 lbs. While Aimee and I were enjoying jungle love at Caves Branch, she promised us she would teach the girls how to make curds in time for the Farmhouse Deli table at the farmers market and fill our order.

Curds in hand we were ready to head back to my house and separate them into 3 batches, Aimee’s, mine and the poutine party. I asked to do one last pass of the vegetable table and scored an avocado, a cauliflower and 2 gorgeous firm carrots for $10.

After Aimee dropped me off and cut the cheese 😉 I promptly fell into bed with my remote enjoyed some TV and cheese curd shooters. When that got boring I switched to music and resting before the full moon concert in Central Park.

I will leave you with a couple of visuals – a small portion of what the masses looked like and my best seats in the house at the full moon concert. I sat by the sea under the full moon and thought great thoughts while enjoying live Spanish music. What a great night.

Ambergris Caye Belize
Perfect venue for a farmers market
San Pedro Belize at Night
Thanks to whoever set up my seats I loved the view

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