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Hitching rides and having fun

caribbean sea belize

Being the second day that Denis has been cold turkey from cigarettes he was not feeling as agitated and up for a trip to town. Yesterday I went solo because he had his head burred in a book all day to shake the cravings. I am really going to miss him when he heads to Mexico next week we have ... Read More »

Realizations and New Locations

belize chocolate

The other day I had a realization, when it comes to exercise I am like a snowbird. Many people do 3 – six months or as long as they can here during their cold months. Right now we are experiencing a lot of rain and major cold front and I cannot bear the thought of getting in the pool to ... Read More »

Friday Morning Island Style Coffee Break

belize beach

We both decided beach time was in order Friday morning and as luck would have it, Dick ad I had the same errand of getting some important papers printed. So we headed south down our favorite back road and wound our way towards the closest printer option, La Isla Bonita internet. I was feeling very TGIF and officially on Belize ... Read More »