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How Many Times Did I Go Out in One week? 30 Organic Vegetables & Herbs

I live close to the heart of downtown San Pedro and it is all too easy to walk out the door during allowed times, especially now with the relaxed ruling. Longer business hours in some cases mean less waiting in lin-ups, making it more appealing to be out. However, I know the government really doesn’t want us going out and since we now have to wear masks or be fined $5000 or two years in jail, that makes it easier to stay home.

  • Monday – Stayed home.
  • Tuesday – Paired going to Castillo’s Hardware and close by Caye Mart for essentials in the morning.
  • Wednesday – Walked to Tropic Cargo and home for a pick-up Mobile Market groceries late afternoon.
  • Thursday – Stayed home.
  • Friday: Walked a stone’s throw to corner for dinner – $10 take-out and accidentally broke a rule.
  • Saturday: Stayed home
  • Sunday: Twice to the far end of my veranda to dump mop pails. A “90-day Fiance” marathon also made it easy to stay home and revel in TV and internet backgammon.

This morning on Reef TV, they re-aired yesterday’s short, (Sunday) show with Dr. Canul, explaining why masks were more important at this stage of the game. The Ministry of Health (MOH) is not monitoring the newly opened up water taxi travel. Afterward, the Who Let The Dogs Out was a great show addressing that and many other issues.

It was also a great show because I had divine timing to friend reef tech Dan Solo to ask him a question. He friended me back right before they said whoever video calls him first wins a Pedro’s Pizza. I took 2 seconds to think it over and decided it did not matter that my hair was uncombed or that I was wearing my Wilma Flintstone house dress, I was going to win that pizza, and I did 😀 They did not mention size, hopefully, it is a large, thanks in advance, Peter and Pedro’s Pizza staff, I am claiming it for Wednesday for dinner. Excited for my thin crust pizza. If that idea floats your boat rune in regularly as they often give them away, or even easier call: 226-3825 or 206 -2198 to order your own.

Back to the water taxi issue, while it is deemed for essential workers and essential travel only, today, Monday morning fb news comments already brought us stories of no questions being asked when buying boat tickets. I would not be surprised if it were true and the following afternoon video is strong support. After being prompted by the AG live on GOB FB, I asked a couple of friends in messenger and got a Facebook lead with gave a short clip of a big crowd at the San Pedro Belize Express Water taxi this morning. And after a couple was recently caught coming back from Mexico illegally, I can see why they are getting heavy-handed on masks right now. That boat crowd video above makes it feel like a cross between dead normal and we are being fed to the sharks for lunch.

To get a good sense of what we are dealing with and why we are continuously confused, please listen to Hon. Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney General, and Minister of National Security as they explain some changes to the new SI and highlight what is most important for us to recognize and follow right now. I am finding our Covid-19 news very interesting and often entertaining.

As much as I was tempted to get footage for myself of both water taxi’s this morning, I stayed home. However, while my editor was doing her thing, I took the following pictures for you on an essential errand to Tropic Cargo to get a package. What was inside it coming soon.

Heading out of town, as you can see we have no shortage of movement right now. I noticed only one kid without a mask the whole time I was out – about 30 min.

Downtown San Pedro

This was around noon, and while there were quiet moments it was never long before a cart or several came by. Also lots of bikes and motorcycles.

Downtown San Pedro

Look closely the outside package pick up line bottom right was just to the edge of that blue cart. Thankfully mine was prepaid and I was able to be second in line inside. The cool airconditioning felt nice.

On my way home, I was happy to find the mango man still at Belize Water Services, I needed some fruit.

I try to get whatever errands I can do if I have to go to one place in particular and there are other places close by. Today that meant stopping at Delices De France for a sandwich sale (20% off $11, split for lunch and dinner) and Save-on for a few basics like milk n coffee. Notice their handwashing station. They also have folding metal a barricade inside the store and they will not let you in if you have not washed.

Farm Fresh

This Week’s Kunahmul Organics list:

As promised in a Facebook comment last week, I got Pandora to send me pricing last night along with this week’s available produce. I ordered Okra red/green, Amy’s salad mix, Summer squash, yellow pear tomatoes for Wed delivery.

  1. Malabar spinach 225g $7.50
  2. 2. Toscano Kale   (also have red stems) 1/2lb $6.00
  3. Bok Choi baby 1/2lb $5.00
  4. Mustard greens 1/2lb $5.00
    Collard greens 1/2lb $5.00
  5. Okra red/green 230g $4.50
    Swiss chard 1/2lb $7.50
  6. Arugula 85g $4.00
  7. Assorted hot peppers 230g $4.50
  8. Sweet Thai Basil 25g $4.00
  9. Purple basil 25g $4.00
  10. Lemon basil 25g $4.00
  11. Genovese basil 25g $4.00
  12. Mint 30g $4.50
  13. Oregano 30g $4.50
  14. Lemon balm 30g $4.00
  15. Thyme 30g $4.50
  16. Culantro 45g $4.00
  17. Kennikura edible flowers 20g $4.00
  18. Moringa flowers 20g $4.00
  19. Amy’s salad mix 250g $10.00
  20. Green lettuce 250g $10.00
    Red lettuce 250g $10.00
  21. Romaine lettuce 280g $10.00
    Summer squash 1lb $5.00
  22. Eggplant medley 230g $4.50
    Turmeric 230g $5.00
  23. Heirloom tomatoes $4 per pack (230g)
  24. Purple plum tomatoes $4 per pack (230g)
  25. Yellow pear tomatoes $4 per pack (230g)
  26. Baby cucumbers 230g $3.00
  27. Microgreens: amaranth(30g)
  28. Radish (50g)
  29. Mild or spicy mix
  30. Cressida cress(30g) $10.00 each.

You can WhatsApp +501-610-5115 or email Pandora at Kunahmul Organics and place your custom order, or if you like surprises, ask for your $50 or $30 tacogirl vegetable box. *Note sometimes their internet goes in and out. In this case, texting or calling can be the best way to reach them if you do not hear back quickly about your order. I also get an occasional treat when you order mentioning my blog.

Belize Farm

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