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Banyan Bay Market Day and a Great Belizean Product With a Strange Silly Name

Since I was away on a catamaran camping trip and unable to attend market day, my friend Jenna was able and willing to go snap off a few pictures and do the following short review for you.

Saturday’s farmers’ market at Banyan Bay was delightful. Lots of room to shop around. The vendors had some neat stuff, from handcrafted jewelry to freshly baked quiche. They had makeup and books, artwork, beautiful wood carved home items and much more. Chez Caribe owner Jack was playing cribbage next to the bar cart and said to tell everyone he’ll be there every Saturday if anyone wants to play with him. They also had live music. It was a perfect event.

San Pedro Belize

My two cents on why you should go to Banyan Bay Market Day

Although I have not been to the Banyan Bay Market yet, there are a few reasons why you should go.

  • It’s good to shop locally and help small businesses grow bigger. 
  • There are lots of really tasty treats for sale. 
  • You will find some great handmade bags, jewelry and so much more to stylize yourself. 
  • There is a great selection of environmentally friendly lifestyle products as well. 
  • Many of the sellers are also my friends.

Banyan Bay Suites Market Day

Catch the Next Banyan Bay Suites Market Day

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Environmentally Friendly Laundry Soap

Speaking of friends and environmentally friendly products, this is a big one. My friend Cindy who does Lunchbox delivery (one meal choice daily $20 BZD each, delivered Monday – Friday) decided to solve her own problem and help save the environment. I will leave you with her story to fill in the detail on the Belizean Sharktank worthy idea.

Widow Twanky’s Wishee Washee

I started making Widow Twanky’s green and clean laundry soap through necessity as I was totally fed up with buying really expensive detergent when I had other things I wanted to do with my money. 

The cheaper spectrum of the soaps left my laundry with crusty white residue, as the soap didn’t dissolve in my machine (no hot water).
This soap is biodegradable, making your laundry greywater useable in your garden. It has not been tested on animals, and it does not contain any phosphates.

There is no powdery residue and it does not suds up. This soap performs perfectly in HDE machines in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions.

Place Your Order

I only sell the soap! I’m trying to get rid of those plastic bottles from the island…..
You have to provide me with containers to refill – if you do not have any, I will provide 3 gallons of detergent in a bucket. You purchase the bucket once, and it becomes yours – I sell the bucket for $3 (the price I paid for it) then I refill

1 gallon of detergent costs $10, so the bucket refill is $30. Want a specific scent? I can add it.

I suggest 1 cup per heavy load. This soap is more inexpensive than anything you will find on the island, be it liquid or powder.
The detergent has no noxious chemicals. It is phosphate free (the reef thanks you) and safe for your septic tank. 

It is great for large families, guest houses and hotels. This detergent is environmentally friendly; it is not a complicated soap – it has very simple and clean ingredients; nothing unpronounceable. Some ingredients include coconut oil and citronella oil (to help repel those pesky mosquitoes) which makes the detergent really good on greasy stains and delicates. 

It is very good for spot treating stains, it can be used in hot or cold water for lights and darks. It has an optical brightener for your colors.

This detergent can be tailored to your needs, let me know if you have well water as I need to make a slight change.

Banyan Bay Suites Market Day

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