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This Ain’t No Chucky Cheese – A Kids Party at the Beach Bar

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Another aspect of expat life that is different in Belize – it is perfectly acceptable to throw a last minute birthday party for your 5-year-old child and her 6-year-old friend at a bar. Since Tink and her friend, Eva were both having birthdays, their parents (Cindy, Andy, Sandra and Florent) decided to team up and make it a double. It ... Read More »

Expats in Belize a Short Spanish Lesson and Costa Maya

Packing it all up and moving to Belize Ask any expats in Belize and I am sure they will have a few items on their packing list that are not the traditional things you would think of bringing to a new country. How much people decide to bring varies. I know a few people that brought containers or crates full ... Read More »

What Makes the Best Kind of Party?

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The best kind of party is one that is fun, entertaining and has people talking about it long after it is done. The 1st annual 4th of July party at Caribbean Villas is definitely going to be one of those parties. Leave it to a Brit to bring on the best fireworks for the biggest U.S. 4th of July party ... Read More »

The Story of The Golden Years Project and Zaman’s perspective

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Right from the get go expat photographer Karen Brodie immersed herself in photographing Belize culture. Over the course of her time here she’s become very popular, having taken many many pictures of all things Belize. Recently, a large town folk number turned up to see Karen Brodie’s photography opening of The Golden Years Project at the San Pedro House of ... Read More »