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What Makes the Best Kind of Party?

The best kind of party is one that is fun, entertaining and has people talking about it long after it is done. The 1st annual 4th of July party at Caribbean Villas is definitely going to be one of those parties.

Leave it to a Brit to bring on the best fireworks for the biggest U.S. 4th of July party in Belize. Earlier in the day, I had texted Paul to see when the fireworks were due to go on, and he replied 7:30. A few of us at the party us knew they would end up on Belize time. We were jokingly comparing the 3 different times everyone had heard and that the reason for the delay was they had to locate the barge captain.

It was totally worth waiting for and, for many, the show will be an unforgettable fireworks on the beach experience. Several people I spoke to the next day said the fireworks rivaled anything they would have seen if they were back home doing a Stateside 4th party. That is one thing about Pedro; he is a go big or go home kind of guy and this time “all in” meant traveling to Guatemala to get the wow factor.

By the end of the party, people were definitely in high fun mode and a few like Walter had strong potential for Goma (aka hangover). The next morning I saw him doing a Belikin Beer hair of the dog in town and my friend Anu also had opted out of his morning dive. His wise decision was due to a combo of feeling a little overdone and the planned power disruption made his morning hotter than expected. Instead of hair of the dog, he opted to hydrate with water and catch the afternoon dive.

It has been a cooker lately with temperatures at 85°F or 29°C but it feels a good 10 degrees hotter unless you are catching a breeze by the water. I spent a great deal of time enjoying the beach road on yesterday’s travels for that reason and enjoyed “drive-by chatting” my way around town.

I will leave you with a few snapshots from my Sunday Drive. It was gorgeous weather.

belize images
Enjoying the view and the breeze
belize images
Weekend people watching was great
belize images
This boat in dry dock was worth stopping for
belize images
George told us about the repairs


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Not found a taco boat yet but there is one with my real name

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