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Serenity Now at San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Unexpected Surprises I know a few of you are Seinfeld fans and have seen the “Serenity Now” episode where a few of the cast started saying that phrase as a method to lower blood pressure and the saying turns to “Serenity now, insanity later” as everyone using the mantra gets more worked up as the […]

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Lobster Meat Pies and a Reader Review

Breakfast in Town Yesterday morning Shirlee, Sue, Aimee, and I had a meeting with Miguel from the Cancer Society to discuss blood drives. Since Miguel was accommodating as to when and where we could meet and us Red Cross girls are all about the food we decided on Boogies Belly for breakfast. Aside from the excitement […]

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A Short Celebration at Casa Picasso and a Poolside BBQ

It’s not a bad day when you can say you met some cool new people from around the world, enjoyed a short celebration at Casa Picasso and attended a poolside BBQ, as was the case for me last night. Plans magically came about hours prior which is a common phenomenon of Island Life – short […]

The Royal British Legion Belize

Since taking over the poppy appeal,  Jamila Janmohamed has done a wonderful job of getting San Pedro to support both the British Legion Belize and Commonwealth veterans. Aside from the traditional fundraising through poppies, she cooks a fantastic Indian meal annually to raise funds. Jamila has an impeccable reputation for her cooking and it is […]