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Watching World Cup Final in Belize

Worldwide TV’s were tuned in to see the World Cup final match, and San Pedro Belize was no exception, there was no shortage of bars to watch the game from. I was considering going to Caribbean Villas with Paul for the game till our downstairs neighbors mentioned they were having a small party and I […]

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Corozal to Caye Caulker

From Corozal to Caye Caulker Lobster Fest by Catherine Kelly I traveled from Corozal to Caye Caulker for the annual Lobster Fest on Saturday, June 28. Maya Air was running a special so we hopped aboard. The plane was full of folks who were also going via plane to San Pedro…the to the water taxi […]

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San Pedro Block Party -Lobster Fest 2014

Crawlers finished their week long marathon around the island with a bang at the big block party for Lobster Fest 2014. The welcome speech was scheduled at 4:45, but that did not stop people from coming out early to watch booths being set up and be first in line for a multitude of delicious lobster […]

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Whirlwind Belize City Shopping Tour

We did a whirlwind Belize City shopping tour on Wednesday, and by whirlwind I seriously mean it. 11 places in the span of about 5 hours – we really got around. In addition to 4 cabs, we still got our exercise in for the day; my movement tracker shows 3.97 miles walked.   I was planning […]