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Beverly Hillbillies Trivia

We won again last night at Roadkill Bar Trivia – $160 bzd split 4 ways. Lots of people came out to play and we all had a great time. This week our team was was Paul Cindy Matt and I – we called ourselves the sneaky ninjas [also what Cindy nicknamed her cat]. I am definitely not team ringer but ... Read More »

Cayo Children’s Theater

I have been so busy and all over the map this morning it is making my head spin. Can’t wait to take a break and go to a lunch meeting with the guys at Lime Bar – nothing like a classic philly steak sandwich and some brainstorming to set things right. Meeting was productive – we are on target and ... Read More »

Schedule Change

I wrote it all out in my notebook and was going to blog how we spent the looooong scheduled San Pedro power outage but after an hour and 2 emails written later – I decided to check one from Dianne and I am glad I did. A few days back she asked me about having a stuff swap because Cherie ... Read More »

Memory Lane

Yesterday at the pool Gwen mentioned how living here is a lot like camping – how you have to be prepared for anything and can often end up roughing it to some degree. As I was couch surfing last night and watching one of the geckos lives with us crawling across the wall it made me think about what she ... Read More »

Pelican Reef Villas

Southbound to Belize Paradise Coming at you from Pelican Reef Villas. So glad to be here and just be able to take a break for a while, even if it is at a resort just south of town. This past week has been overwhelming and fantastic new ideas regarding San Mateo keep coming up all the time. Going to go ... Read More »

Volunteer Vacation

Heather and Cathy two of the Direct Abundance girls are back and following the ever popular trend of voluntourism by taking a fabulous tropical vacation and volunteering while here. According to a poll conducted by Condé Nast Traveler and MS-NBC – only fourteen percent of Americans have taken a volunteer holiday, but fifty-five percent say they would like to. After ... Read More »