San Pedro Belize beach pictures

And so the Story Goes

Sometimes I think about life in terms of reading a really good book. You just never know what the next chapter holds – often it is filled with interesting changes and strange surprises. I woke up early and managed to catch the last 2 h of coast this morning – very interesting. Guest J. Richard […]

San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Beverly Hillbillies Trivia

We won again last night at Roadkill Bar Trivia – $160 bzd split 4 ways. Lots of people came out to play and we all had a great time. This week our team was was Paul Cindy Matt and I – we called ourselves the sneaky ninjas [also what Cindy nicknamed her cat]. I am […]

San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Cayo Children’s Theater

I have been so busy and all over the map this morning it is making my head spin. Can’t wait to take a break and go to a lunch meeting with the guys at Lime Bar – nothing like a classic philly steak sandwich and some brainstorming to set things right. Meeting was productive – […]

Pelican Reef Belize

Pelican Reef Villas

Southbound to Belize Paradise Coming at you from Pelican Reef Villas. So glad to be here and just be able to take a break for a while, even if it is at a resort just south of town. This past week has been overwhelming and fantastic new ideas regarding San Mateo keep coming up all […]