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And so the Story Goes

Sometimes I think about life in terms of reading a really good book. You just never know what the next chapter holds – often it is filled with interesting changes and strange surprises.

I woke up early and managed to catch the last 2 h of coast this morning – very interesting. Guest J. Richard Gott – a professor of astrophysics at Princeton University is talking about his studies of cosmology and his work with the physics of time travel. I found this really great site called radiotime – they have set up a great page of all stations and times that air Coast to Coast AM.

It’s only 7:35am and 10am aquafit class feels so far away. I vowed I was going to the pool this morning but I am already feeling swayed to stay home and keep working or likely by then be needing a rest break.  It is Lorna’s taking a trip so it will be her last class for a bit and Chunkyruth arrived yesterday. Those are my motivating factors and two of the interesting changes that have just come to fruition.

Banana Beach Resort is having a launch party at El Divino Caribbean Steakhouse & Martini Bar this Thursday to kick off their new websites and  new Thursday night Burger Bananza special – will post more details soon.

Jason Southwell has joined in on Cost of Living in  Belize information.

Dick fixed their cart and invited me out for a drive so I could snap some pictures around town. The ones below are 3 shots I took while waiting on our errand run – he had to stop at Travel & Tour Belize to speak to Iraida Gonzalez

Downtown San Pedro Belize
Middle street traffic
Downtown San Pedro Belize
Wheels make things easier
Downtown San Pedro Belize
Heading towards the lagoon

8 thoughts on “And so the Story Goes

  1. Debra Milstead says:

    HaHa..I can relate Laurie..but I always said my life was like a soap opera and I could write a book.

    When you get a chance look at my blog on pics from 98 in San Pedro…Guy with long hair..looks like Walter in the pic.

  2. bob says:

    Well, we are coming Sat. and as usual all I can do is look at your website pictures and tell myself that could be me on that bike, golfcart, etc. in just four days! LOL Thanks again for your site Laurie.
    My wife doesn’t seem to understand because she is the planner in the family; printed itinerary emailed to all family members, etc. I don’t mind that because at least I know when to get to the airport! LOL (seriously) My thing is to have absolutely nothing planned when I get to SP. I have found the less activities planned the longer the trip seems ! Wake up in the morning early and let it happen! Less is more!

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