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Extra busy Day

It doesn’t always matter where you have come from – it matters more where you choose to go. Lots happening today we have a surprise guest arriving on the island this afternoon just in time for the big Launch Party at Banana Beach Resort.

Important facebook message from Tanya Tizzle Mejia – I’m trying to get a group of us together to help out ms Sharon Matola at the Belize zoo. The zoo has been severely damaged and I love the zoo I love those animals and I want to help out. I know most people have work on Monday’s but if you could make the trip I’m arranging for a van to take a few of us to help with cleaning and whatever needs done. I’m arranging for transportation from the water taxi to the zoo and I need to know how many people as soon as possible I’m gonna say by Saturday. If you cant make it and you want to help she needs materials, wood, blocks, etc. see list below. If not and u just want to make a donation I’m also awaiting info so people can donate cash directly, even if it’s a little bit it helps. If you have anymore questions please call me 6278829

Hey guys if you cant make it please at least donate something to help us rebuild the belize zoo. Im still going whether its just me or not. but if u could donate any of these following items please contact me at 627-8829 Some of these items cost maybe one or two drinks for the day. please please help. Black oil paint, 3 and 4″ brushes, spades, 10 guage chain link (a big part of the wish), tying wire, Hack saw blades, large crow-bar, 3 and 4″ nails, tires/tubes for wheelbarrows, PVC glue, Electrical tape. Thank you Tanya Back later I am off to town to take care of business.

Found an interesting follow up to Tanya’s post earlier about people helping the zoo. Troops stationed in Belize with the British Army Training Support Unit, BATSUB, have been helping helping rebuild Belize zoo – following hurricane Richard which devastated the country.

Good news for all travelers – Belize airline Tropic Air intends to introduce new flights to Honduras and Guatemala within the next 12 months.

Banana Beach launch party was a big success with many people coming out to enjoy the new Burger Bananza night – get El Divino VIP cards and socialize. It was our first visit with Chunky and Ruthie since they have been back looking better than ever – many of us were very excited to see them. We also got to have a nice visit with Joey Stevens [the surprise guest I mentioned earlier] – he came back for a short follow up and will be here till Sunday. Joey and Bob the Parrot will also be at All you can eat Pizza for $25 bzd party at Pedro’s tomorrow night.

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