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Rainy Day

I love the feeling of a good solid rainy day. I have been working hard catching up on correspondence this morning and taking pictures of Dick giving Paul a boost as the batter had died. Pedro loaned us his cart this weekend cause he is at Taste of Playa – with all the rain I am so glad we have it.

If you like Belize Reading you might enjoy Former Peace Corps volunteer and Project MANA Executive Director, George LeBard, chronicles of his years in a Mayan village in Belize in his new book, A School for Others.

In spite of the pouring rain the pizza party was a huge success – everyone was happy to see Joey and Bob again and meet the new Bob [the cameraman]. Paul  dropped me off and went back to drive Anna and Ayanna home. I just got done closet deatail – with all this rain the leaks in our bedroom closet have got worse.  I had to clean up a very wet towel then put garbage bags down on the shelf followed by towels a couple of bowls and a lasagna pan to catch the drips.

6 thoughts on “Rainy Day

  1. tacogirl says:

    Glad you enjoy my blog kelliem. We use digicell pay as you go. YOU can look up the mls site for Ambergris Caye if you want a recommend for an agent just email me and I can do that.

  2. tacogirl says:

    Hopefully you will figure that one out Laura – glad cost of living posts were helpful. I have lonbg said San Pedro is better than prozac ha ha.

  3. kelliem says:

    Hi tacogirl! I read your blog several times a week and I find it really enjoyable and the best site I have found that shows the Belize way of life.
    My husband and I hope to move to the San Pedro area in the next 2 years and I have tons of questions!
    What type of cell service do you get in San Pedro?
    Also, what is the best site for viewing real estate in that area?
    Thanks so much!

  4. Laura says:

    We, too, have had cool fall weather. Yours looks a lot nicer with all that beautiful water surrounding you. Still trying to figure a way to be there full time. reading your earlier posts about costs of living was very helpful. Thanks for your daily commentary and pix. I let my imagination take me back to San Pedro…all headaches go away.

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