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I wrote it all out in my notebook and was going to blog how we spent the long-scheduled San Pedro power outage but after an hour and 2 emails written later – I decided to check one from Dianne and I am glad I did. A few days back she asked me about having a stuff swap because Cherie and Vince could use some help getting some decent things due to losing everything in the fire at ACES crocodile sanctuary – mainland Belize. I told her that with so many people on vacation it was not really the best time to do it and that I would post a list on the blog if she asked Cherie what they needed most.

If you are on the island or have some spare room in your suitcase and have any of these items in good condition please consider donating them to Cherie and Vince as they are starting from the ground up. I will let you know if we get a drop off place happening.

Pots, pans, dishes, glasses, kitchenware, silverware, lamps, couch, chair, desk, table, shoes men’s 10 1/2, women’s 7 1/2, towels, bras 36B, Queen sheets (we have a bed), pillows, refrigerator, any tools so Vince can fix the house, food 🙂 We are overwhelmed with the support of San Pedro. Thank you! Also if anyone has done a remodel and has any left over things they ripped out like cabinets, sinks, countertops or any other leftover supplies wood, nails, flooring, we can use it!

Anyone out there has good stuff to swap give a shout out and we can get a swap party happening for Vince and Cherie.

You can also help Cherie by making a donation at – Belize Bank. International wiring account number for donations – Belize Bank # 630-1-1-10130 – Account# Vince & Cherie Rose Fire Victim Account.

If case you have not noticed it yet in Belize links section to the right – Belize Lifestyles splash page is up for your viewing pleasure.

I will finish filling you in and add a few more pics in the morning.

As a result of yesterdays 8 h power out my schedule has changed – back on late afternoon evening post time and sometimes a morning chaser like today.

We had a great day yesterday. Started out listening to Bizarre Foods & Body Language with Andrew Zimmern and Greg Hartley on Coast to Coast. It was very interesting to hear Andrew talking about the philosophy of his show – the story behind the food and how he got to the point of doing Bizarre foods. Found an interesting poll on – What was your favorite part of Bizarre World Belize? You can see Bizarre foods Belize episode clips on Travel Channel.

The second half of the show was also quite interesting. Body language expert Greg Hartley talked about the art of interrogation and gave tips on how to spot a liar. Greg is a former interrogator in the Middle East and he shared a number of clues which can indicate how truthful a person is [or not]. Since we had no internet – while listening I was cleaning my office chair wheels so they keep rolling nice and smoothly.

Paul and Molly were getting antsy to get to the beach so I figured I better get moving on breakfast. I made one of our fast – fun favorites Fried Peanut butter Sandwich. I learned this one from One of the great no holds barred Chef’s, Paula Deen. I always stop on her show for a few minutes when I see her on tv – when it comes to ingredients you know she is going all in.

After Breakfast our plan was to gas up Walter’s cart – pick up Luna and drop her back to Lara’s house. We got close to the gas station and Paul let out a groan remembering that the gas station was not going to be open cause the power was out. Not wanting to chance running out we went to Caribbean Villas to ride out our the time at the beach.

We played – swam and chased coconuts for a good while then Paul decided we should walk down the beach a bit and check out the new pool at construction Coral Bay Villas. Lara who was out for a walk caught up with us at that point and we all decided to keep heading north to Exotic Caye Resort and Crazy Canucks Beach Bar.

The Band was setting up for Sunday Jam and the whole room cheered loudly when the power went back on right around 2 pm so they could play.

Caribbean VillasCaribbean Villas San Pedro Belize

Caribbean Villas San Pedro Belize

Caribbean Villas San Pedro Belize

Coral Bay Villas San Pedro Belize

8 thoughts on “Schedule Change

  1. Jonathan says:

    I have some things to give but they need to come here. Please give me their number or them mine.
    Thanks Laurie

    Happy Holidays!!!!

  2. tacogirl says:

    Mystery I will make you one some day. My idea that we have not tried to it yet is going to add bacon. Last time I tried adding butter to jam and pb n j spread ingredients but without the banana it was a bit sloppy.

  3. mysteryboy says:

    Oh, Gee, Thanks, Laurie! You really know how to hurt a guy!

    Fried Pnut butter banana sammiches…….

  4. Nadia says:

    Hey there!! Saw you at Crazies but by the time I went to say hello you were gone. I was wondering where Luna went… I know.

    Just curious if you have any clue as to when Cindy is getting back….just curious.

    See you around on the island!

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