tacogirl Top Ten 10 random things to do in San Pedro

Came up with a new top 10 idea while at Cori’s place – past Saturday night. Also came up with a great salad recipe today. Take left over pizza crouton size it and fry in some olive oil – add to what ever type salad. I used mixed greens – pizza croutons & blue cheese dressing.  tacogirl Top Ten 10 random things to do on Ambergris Caye 1. Sunrise. Seen it everywhere from bed to the boat to breakfast. The sunrise catamaran party was by far the coolest – toss up between breakfast & bed for a second. 2. Boat ride to  San Juan Visitor center. You can see how lovely it is on hanging out with whale sharks post. 3. Rent a cart and go north or south – you can read about Random bits of Randomness blog – Our last day and A trip down south and get the visual on my road less traveled and early morning fishing. Numbers four & five go hand in hand – both fun options. Some docks put concrete underneath to start artificial reefs. 4. Dock snorkeling 5. picnic lunch 6. Is a two for one – Hol Chan Marine Museum near the Texaco station in town and while you are in the area stop by Domingos popular tortilla on Back st. and watch the corn tortillas being made. Lara and Mitch vote the flour ones from Domingo’s  as best tortillas in town. 7.  Two drive-by bird watching sites Chicken street near the airport & beside Marina’s 8. Buy someone ice-cream even if you don’t know them – DandE’s on Middle st. is super tasty and has some great flavors like coconut, soursop, java joe, peanut butter. They do sorbet as well for those who want dairy free. 9. Sunset – on a catamaran cruise my preferred choice – you can see why from Sunday Sunset post of our Feb 2009 trip. [Heading  from up north to down south on water taxi is another boat option] Even if you do not make it on a boat there are many other good places including a few rooftops to enjoy the sunset from. 10. Tacos or any fast food in the park at night Some random pictures from yesterday and today – who knows what tomorrow holds check back and see.

6 thoughts on “tacogirl Top Ten 10 random things to do in San Pedro

  1. terry h says:

    really neat site…will be in belize in may, need cheap long term housing so I can get a good feel for ambergris and san pedro, have friends who rave about it. selling my stuff and coming down….can’t wait for the good life. looking for the adventure of starting over.

  2. tacogirl says:

    Thanks so much Nancy1340 glad you are loving the new look. I am still working out the photo gallery size and sideshow issue Nancy thanks for your patience [and everyone else].

  3. Nancy1340 says:

    Love love the new look for your blog but the tiny photos are too small then when I click on them they are 3X to big for the monitor. The ol’ scroll back & forth and up & down. Is it just my computer that’s the cause?

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