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Galley Gallery

Everyone is moving really slow this morning – a few of us were just on coffee break and sitting on our patio filling in the blanks to last night and laughing a lot.

Somehow my dyslexic brain is managing to keep work in order – remembering to select gallery before I hit upload pics – saving drafts or hit publish? I am working on yesterday today and tomorrow. Finally caught up on day party last 2 pics are uploading now and will be moving onto the evening festivities of yesterday in today’s post when I get back from errands in town with Mitch and Paul. First edits to tomorrow’s are done as well still need a do over and sort out picture(s) I took in town today to go with. Least I got to sleep in a bit cause I got some work done at Cori’s last night after the cruise.

I decided to do something different and take most of my pics in the galley when people came in for a pot luck or top up. A couple of the pics are slightly fuzzy just like us. I tried to put sharpened versions up but the photo galley would not accept them so I grabbed the originals from the recycle bin and trying those – had enough uploading already! It’s 7pm and I want more me time ha ha.

P.S. Harold when you said the picture issue was sorted out for you – did you mean the slide show option works or you just get to see individual pics without the sheer black screen trying to load slide show? Still trying to work out what everyone else sees compared to what I do.

Dinner break – Shelly’s just turned up and it looks like Cindy and Jeff’s food was delivered to us – and retrieve our order. Will finish this after I eat. Cindy just gave wise advice right now – eat and reboot so I am doing just that. Well rebooting worked and I managed to sort things out quickly – Dexter and lucky charms is a preferred option.

6 thoughts on “Galley Gallery

  1. tacogirl says:

    Sounds like you need a vacation Harold. Thanks for update – I have been looking around in gallery options but unless it is super clear I am not changing anything without going over it with tacoboy first.

  2. gailtor says:

    Tacogirl… you mention the slideshow option. How does one do that..
    Yummy, new burger place… but then again I am with CBT, in that is seems like forever before I will be back to SP…

  3. harold says:

    hi there tg i get individual pic on left click or right and no slide show .looks like a fun time the last few days , i finely got to go back to work on a drilling rig . it’s is cold and miserable need to get out . my rant is over

  4. tacogirl says:

    Burger joint coming soon forget exact date but it is looking great going to be real cool decorating inside too – definitely will be worth crossing the bridge for CT.

  5. Carbunkle Trumpet says:

    Legend the pole dancer I love it! Have Jewels and Tyler gotten the burger joint up yet? I don’t know why I am asking it is like EFFING FOREVER BEFORE I GET BACK there.
    Ok Rant over!

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