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Another small world story

Liz facebooked me this story recently and gave me permission to share it with you. Since starting the blog I have come to witness even more small world stories and have to agree with Liz when she said that is speaks to how we are all connected in one way or another. I will add to it and say timing plays a big part too – when you are in sync a lot of cool stuff happens.

Here is Jeff’s small world story…

A couple of Saturday nights ago when Jeff got back from taking Molly and Charlie to Caribbean Villas for an hour  he was all excited to share a story with us about the people he met while hanging out. One of the guys D.O.A. who was staying  there him and asked if it was Molly referring to our timeshare dog who had just dropped a coconut at his feet. Jeff said yes and asked if he had met her before (which would not be so unusual as some dogs get out and about here like people) D.O.A. said no they had never met – he recognized  Molly from seeing her on tacogirl blog – quite likely playing coconuts at Caribbean Villas ha ha.

Liz and Don’s small world story…

barracuda by Don MeltonMore than 10 years ago Don shot photos of some barracuda vases for a woman who was representing an artist. The rep has since died. Don vaguely remembers she was going to market them for the artist. He gave her some low res photos to show the artist and thereafter some time passed and he didn’t hear back from the rep but did hear that she had passed away. This was pre-digital and he used his Hasselblad to do the photos. Just a couple shots to show the artist.

The rep had taken the slides after they were produced but never came and picked up the barracuda vases. Don moved out of that house (his Sam Malone bachelor house) when we got married back in 1998 and he found the barracuda vases. He gave the vases to his nephew never to be seen again.

Your posting of Amy Brown caught his attention. That name sounded familiar. Sure ’nuff, he googled her, something like ‘Amy Brown Belize‘, and found her website. On her website, in all their glory, are the barracuda vases with the bird of paradise blooms he bought at Kroger’s! We just died laughing. Don said he will gladly give Amy the high res photos is she wants them so she can use them. All he needs is an email address.

We’ll be back in Belize in March with a bunch of old farts. We are staying at the Phoenix Resort again so hopefully we can meet for a martini or cuba libre.

Take care! Liz

2 thoughts on “Another small world story

  1. tacogirl says:

    Too funny most definitely an accurate description – “Molly was riding with her front paws on the dash board and her back paws on the seat, like she was queen of the world”. Jeff was so excited to tell us about meeting you. Rain is nice but I hope that the flash floods stay away.

  2. DOA says:

    I actually did see Molly one time before riding with Cindy in a golf cart on one of our previous trips, but had no idea who she or the dog was. I remember this, because Molly was riding with her front paws on the dash board and her back paws on the seat, like she was queen of the world. Also she does not look like most of the “San Pedro specials” that you see around town. Next time she is getting a couple squeaky toys, tennis balls and a nylabone……

    I really need to quit reading your blog, right now it is 80 degrees, 90% relative humidity with 4″ to 8″ of rain headed our way including a flash flood watch….. Winter is officially making its appearance on the gulf coast.

    All this while I sit here and hum an old kelly McGuire song “turn around and run”

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