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Living in Belize

Caribbean Webcam


Island weather was perfect on Sunday afternoon so Gigi, Brandy Dick and I went for a long drive south to get away for a bit. I got a very funny picture of Brandy while she was sitting on front seat of the cart.

Yesterday was the first day of 24h Live Streaming Belize webcam on taco cam page – super exciting. I watched a sailboat glide gracefully by while sitting at my desk this morning – how cool is that. I have always been a big fan of tropical webcams and used to enjoy L.A. Avenue which is an interesting cam from an L.A. taxi driver as he drives his cab. Garden Bubble cam from south Florida is another fun one – you can press a button and make a 30 second blast of bubbles from Andie and Mike’s bubble machine.


  1. Gigi McQueen December 8, 2011

    LOL LOL That pic of Brandi is hilarious!


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