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Living in Belize

Pleasantly Full


Tim and Tina’s annual thanks giving party was great as always, I am glad we made it early to enjoy the sunset. Managed to fill my plate just enough so that I was pleasantly full but not so much that I needed to walk it off ha ha.  I scored well at the gift game too and ended up with a box trivia cards all about the sea.

How did all of you spend your American Thanks Giving?

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  1. Gigi McQueen November 28, 2011

    Had a great time..And I thought since I am new to San Pedro I would be spending Thanksgiving alone..Instrad I was with tons of awesome people. Thank you so much for having me Tim and Tina 🙂

  2. tacogirl November 25, 2011

    I agree Surendra, we will meet soon I am sure.

  3. Surendra and Carolyn November 25, 2011

    It was awesome party, It was a great way for us to spend our first Thanksgiving on the island. We got to meet a lot of great folks, sorry we did not get to meet you. Tim and Tina are AWESOME hosts!
    And the smoked salmon that Kirsten brought!!!


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