San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Sunset on the Lagoon

Erin is took the opportunity to get a last boat ride in before she leaves tomorrow. Liam went for a swim and opted to stay home and surf the net. BTl has been down most of the day – confirmed with Lara and Pedro’s they are both down as well. Luckily I was up at 6am today so I got enough work in before it crapped out. I noticed that my Jan 5tht post Dyslexia patterns did not post for some reason so I corrected that today. Hoping to get a response about different peoples dyslexia patterns.

I never took any pics of the moon rise on the sunset cruise I just wanted to enjoy it without a camera in my hand. Thankfully Barnacle Bill snapped off a couple – you can see them in his bad moon risin post.

Liam was funny tonight I asked him if he wished he could stay longer. He said yes but only if he could import a few things from home  – his cat peanut butter – his dad and his xbox.

Watching Sunset wirh big Erin

Sunset on the lagoon

Sunset on the lagoon

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