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Living in Belize

Bon Voyage Dock Party


Spent my morning between work and enjoying a farewell dock party with  Snoop and Coolio or as you know them Big Erin and Mike. We soaked up the sun watched birds fly and boats pass. Erin treated herself to a massage at the day spa on the dock between Banyan Bay and Xanadu.

BTL is still down for some of us. Pedro’s got up before we did so Paul and Lara went work there. I stayed home and cleaned while trying to get 5 blog pics up with no luck – can’t wait till our connection is back.

Pics coming

Watching Pelicans

Snoop and Coolio

Day Spa

Georgeous day

Bird watching

What a view


  1. tacogirl March 11, 2010

    Thanks Renee

  2. Renee March 11, 2010

    Love these pictures; they look like postcards!


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