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Spectacular Sunset Cruise


Last night’s sunset cruise was spectacular. While the sunset was nice – it was  a bit over taken by clouds.  It was massive orange slowly rising ball of the moon that  surprised and wowed us. Cori Paul and I were wondering why the moon was not out yet and Carole came along telling us to get to the other side of the boat to see the moon rising out of the water – what an amazing sight.

Because we were going on the boat and I know the timing is within under a month of  one our last sightings – I started a Sea life question post about electric blue jellyfish or phosphorescence. I was trying to find out what they are and how can we see them more while we are out or do we just have to get lucky – got some good answers. I asked Sylvan last night on the boat and he confirmed it was bio-luminescence and he said it is hit or miss when you will see them – that the calmness of the water has an affect and that with the full moon it was too bright for them to be out.

After our cruise we decided to do a quick pop in at Coconuts to see our friends play music.  Sam and little Erin hit the pool right away – Carole Denise and Joanne the dance floor.

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  1. tacogirl February 5, 2010

    Next one is Feb 22 Brett. Hope you get your vacation soon.

  2. brett favre February 5, 2010

    i so want to be on the next sunset cruise. almost made it to the superbowl. now i need a vacation in san pedro

  3. tacogirl February 2, 2010

    Just make sure to mention where you got with a link back. Thanks.

  4. Erin February 2, 2010

    My apologies laurie i’m stealing a few pics for my blog

  5. tacogirl February 1, 2010


  6. Maureen February 1, 2010

    This is a MUST to do for our next trip!


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