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Thanks to all the swappers who helped make another successful swap by filling the table with great stuff last night at  Stuff  Swap and pizza party at Pedro’s. Our table was filled with from clothes – closet organizers –  magazines – bags  – belts – dvd’s –  suitcases and more. One swapper Patricia was so pleased with what she scored that she decided to make a donation for SPAH – San Pedro Animal Foundation. I scored 2 nice new tops from Miss Carole – Paul got some books. Bon Voyage to LJ and GP as they set off to take a great sailing adventure – take lots of pics.

Some very tragic news today there has been a dog poisoning up North. Sadly we know of someone who has been affected by this. We send our thoughts out to everyone up there and cross our fingers for the safety of your pets. If you live north of the bridge please be extra watchful of your pets. Will post more details about which areas as I get them.

Just checked Facebook and got a bit more details from Lara – EMERGENCY!!!!!! NORTH OF CUT! DO NOT WALK YOUR DOGS!!!! Maureen and JD’s three dogs have been poisoned, two died this morning. The Doberman up north is dead now too. DO NOT WALK YOUR DOGS!! It seems the poison was consumed during their daily beach walk from Reef Village area to the Grand Caribe area.

More info on a recent post on  Ambergris Forum – Ambergris Message Board and Ambergris Daily. According to AD – North Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch is offering a cash reward for information and Veterinarian Laurie Droke of the San Pedro Animal Hospital has been in surgery all morning dealing with pet dogs that have ingested the poison. If you think your dog has been poisoned, contact the San Pedro Animal Hospital by phone at: (501) 610-DOGS (3647). N


Full table


Going all in payed off

Bon Voyage

Pizza time

Pizza was melt in your mouth good tonight

Flat Carbunkle ringing the bell

Cheri hearts Bar 595

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