San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Sunrise Celebration

It’s 3 AM and I am so glad we (for the most part) got prepared last night for today, because my brain is not totally up yet.

You can see Paul’s secret surprise, which is to the left hand side. Yesterday I went and bought up all the float rings at Caye Supplies. Last night we played a game of “warmer or colder” until he found where I hid the stash.

Lara just rang me on the coconut phone. I told her time is moving really fast and I am feeling super lazy. Paul is texting back and forth with Cindy.

Here’s a morning laugh: Lara’s blueberry muffins went wrong. Instead of being soft, they’re a bit on the hard side. Dick, Carole and Zac should be here any minute – we decided to start the party all together and just leave from our place. This is going to be a kick ass boat ride. Stay tuned for the pictures. It’s about 3:30 AM now, and Walter just called to say that he and Shanelly will be there.

What a ride! We ended up going past Long Caye. Walter drove the boat for a good chunk of time. Elito pointed out things along the way, told us great stories, and talked about the island. We all marveled at the sunrise and all the amazing things we saw. The pot luck was also great, we had enough food and drinks to feed a tiny army. Thanks to Chunky, Ruth, and Monel for sending us some stuff even though you couldn’t make it. I’m sure everyone who was on the boat would highly agree that this rates as one of the coolest things we have done since moving here; it definitely got the best birthday party status, and Paul has not stopped talking about what a good time he had.

6:25 PM – We’re back from Catamaran bar and I managed to take a very brief nap. We are in the process of a bed party, watching star wars with Jeff, Molly, Cindy, Paul, and I; amen for king size beds and good friends. We’re trying to get ourselves together meet Colette and Maya at El Divino in 15 min.

I uploaded some pictures, but there’s no way I can start editing them at the moment – will start that in the morning.


Birthday Boys Jeff and Paul




Brilliant sunrise



Caye Chapel


Time for some water fun


Back to San Pedro



One happy and sleepy tacoboy

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