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No Rest for the Weary

We could have so easily caught up on sleep today if it weren’t for work and the 2 parties we had to attend.

First stop was the book signing at Pages book store. Joan Fry was reading from her book, “How to Cook a Tapir”. We would have loved to have stayed longer and listen to more of her reading, as well as having dinner at Hummingbird, but we had to make our way to Madame’s. Joan’s book is available at Pages, and you can also make donations to the Maya Scholarship fund there as well; a very worth while cause that deserves support.

Luckily we caught Gwen, Chunky, and Ruth passing by on their way to Madame’s as well, and managed to squeeze in for a ride.

More pics to come on Belize Snowbird.



How To Cook A Tapir


Madame cooking up a feast


Michelle made the pate and had a food processor explosion


Now we really have to get to aqua-fit Tuesday


Excuse the flash in the mirror ha ha


Post dinner dancing

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