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Photo Shoot of a photo shoot

As usual Pedro’s is a bee hive of activity. Got texted to turn up with an extra bikini and some board shorts for a photo shoot this morning – 0f course I had to do a photo shoot of a photo shoot while we were waiting for Joe to turn up.

Shot way to many pics so I posting my 2 favs first and the rest later as we are off to Caribbean Villas to see if Cindy and Jeff are there. Missed Cindy but ended up spending the afternoon with Ruth and Chunky. We snacked – laughed a lot and watched the world go by – lots of action on the water today.


  1. Wow, really nice photos, it was nice to see Pedros again. I didn’t even know about that pool being there.

    Your photos captured the feel of the island though.

  2. Thanks masparasol

    He was smart and put in the pool a while back – it is quite nice.

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