San Pedro Belize beach pictures

See you soon

Wow, time flies. Mary 1220 and Crew are already leaving from their 9 days in paradise. Mary texted me to see if I wanted to do breakfast at Hummingbird before they left, and I did not think twice about trading in my pool time for bacon & eggs with good company. I was definitely not disappointed in my choice. Breakfast was great, and we got to try the new bagels, which are a great food addition to the island. Mary said that they were going to be doing some occasional but regular food nights as well, so I’ll find out about that soon and keep you all posted.

More to come.

I’m packing my bag for tomorrow morning. It’s 10:30 PM, and 3:00 AM is coming fast. Paul is downstairs making the last of the sandwiches. We are going to have a total feast. The small fridge is loaded and ready to be put into a printer box for easy transport – reuse recycle, ha ha.

Monel and Ruth dropped off a birthday cake earlier, and Chunky and Ruth came by with deviled eggs for the boat ride. Madame also dropped off a huge piece of cottage pie for Paul’s present. Secretly we are both hoping they show up at the dock. Either way is fine, but Ruth did ask if they could still come if they happen to wake up at that time – of course, I said “yes please”.


Mary 1220 and crew


MMMM bagles in San Pedro


Freshly baked toasted bagels are delicious


The “I don’t want to leave” walk

Bye all, see you soon

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