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Sunday Drive


I thought it would be nice to take the dogs south today so when the morning rain finished – we picked up Dick and Carole gassed up and headed south for a bit. Due to the night time downpour we did not think we would get very far but surprisingly the roads were really good and not too many huge puddles.

We stopped near Las Brisas [which is an up and coming development of houses on the beach] for a picnic and so the dogs could play in the water then we headed a bit further south and decided to turn around as the sky was getting darker.

Was not long before we got hit with rain luckily it did not last – by the time we got home it was hot and sunny again.

Got to run we are all heading off to town now to get tacos in the park and some DandE’s frozen custard after.


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  1. tacogirl September 14, 2010

    Anytime they have both been pretty good overall – Molly has taken to barking more soon as we open the door and are are heading out for walkies.

  2. cindy September 14, 2010

    Hey! dog thief! she looks very happy rolling the grass – thank you again SO MUCH for looking after my poocheroo and badkitty whilst I’m away. I have presents! (and not just for the pets either!)

  3. tacogirl September 14, 2010

    We did not make it that far this time Bob.

  4. bob September 13, 2010

    Did you guys go as far as the Rasta Bar? I love their jerk chicken and hanging in the hammocks with a Beliken.


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