San Pedro Poker Run

Paul had me set up a haircut for him with Carole this morning and Molly and I decided to tag along and enjoy a visit. They have all gone off to Cindy’s for a swim. I opted to stay here as the sun is pretty bright and hot right now – 30c today according to my weather icon.

I am enjoying having the apartment to myself – air-con – doing some cleaning and listening to talk Open Lines & Scotland’s Paranormal on Coast to Coast talk radio. Open lines is a really interesting topic – the ‘Second Chances’ line. If you had a second chance what would you do differently? If I had a second chance at typing class I might have tried a bit harder. Who knew back then that I would be on a computer so much – that was back in the days of typewriters.

Quiet time did not last too long Dick rang me on Paul’s phone to tell me I should to come to Cindy’s and hang out for a bit so I did. We made further arrangements for going out tonight.

Pedro just called Paul to tell him we could have a spare cart – yay. Dick was happy when I told him we scored wheels for the night. Our original plan was to walk there and then just hitch a ride with whoever had space on their cart.

Met up at Roadkill Bar to start the poker run then headed off to El Divino at Banana Beach Resort – followed by Crazy Canucks then it was off to El Patio and finished up at Pedro’s Pizza where Eiden claimed the pot. It was a fun night – lot more people came out than last time. We got to meet Julie and Joe who I had met on the internet. The youngest poker player Tesla was power napping throughout the evening and did quite well for her first poker run.

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