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Happy St Georges Caye Day everyone. It is a hot sunny one and the puddles are bigger than I expected from last nights rain. Went to Aquafit class this morning – I was not overly motivated to go but glad I did. There was lots of carrying on and general mischief in the pool today making it extra fun.

A few things that are coming up…

The next Poker Run on Saturday the 11th September.

The last one was a ball. The first cards will be dealt at around 6pm at the Roadkill and then we move onto to El Divino @ Banana Beach, El Patio Bar before reaching Pedro’s for the last hand. $25 buy in and no Poker skills needed at all.

Group entries accepted up to four people so if you want to split your buy in no problem. On the other hand you can buy as many hands as you want. Don’t miss this event as it is a great opportunity to get out and meet locals and tourists alike. Check out the facebook page to see who is coming.

Maureen also asked me to get the word out – for those of you living north of the Bridge she will be starting aquafit classes Mon and Wed at Ak Bol 10:30am.

Might be back later.

Here is something you might like – Delmonte is promoting Delmonte Banana Diet – Buy a bunch – Loose a bunch and Win a bunch.  They are giving away 4 more trips on facebook to Banana Beach Resort Belize. Lets hope more companies start offering trips to Belize as prizes.

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