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Birthday Present at Xanadu Island Resort Belize

Hard to believe I will be 43 on Wednesday morning. As a special birthday treat we checked into Xanadu Island Resort this afternoon and I can’t wait – have been daydreaming about it all morning. We are lucky to have so many fantastic Belize resorts on the island! Yesterday was one of those days where the wind was blowing all kinds of unpleasant stuff from all directions – now that the dust is settling a bit it is time to enjoy some much needed. We ended up in number one; ground floor with a perfect view of the Caribbean Sea. I have seen 2 other suites here – when Bill – Becky and DCG stayed here and then Maureen and Tracy were in number 8 (One Caribbean Weather had the same room as well). After checking in Paul walked to Marinas to grab a few snacks, while I decided to relax with a nice hot bath followed by napping and watching TV in bed – I totally needed that.

Wednesday morning – I finally managed to sleep in a bit but the phone woke me up at 7 AM. It was my mom calling to wish me a happy birthday – she knows we get up early and had forgot that right now they are 2 hours ahead rather than one It has been a great day so far – 38 Facebook birthday wishes so far. Cindy and Molly were doing their morning walk on the beach so I joined in while they were passing by, then we all sat on the veranda for a bit. Now I am totally chilled out on the couch – enjoying an iced coffee and watching 2 people swim off the end of the dock – it does not get much better than this. Lounged around a lot today then Martin took me on a tour of the nature walk. It was very cool as you can see by the pics below. After that Paul and I went for a swim – the pool is really nice. They have a special system that turns salt to chlorine which is much nicer to swim in.

I was trying to sleep in a bit but laying in bed quietly awake when I heard Paul stirring. He got up and right away called me to come check out the view – a totally amazing sunrise. We scored large and do not have to check out till 2 PM today. I have been spending my morning enjoying another hot bath – went back to bed for a while and listened to coast to coast am – still listening to coast and now staring at the sea. It is a very interesting show featuring journalist and science writer Julian Cribb – Science Alert.com was discussing the limitations to the world food supply and possible result – worldwide famine by mid-century – when the population hits 10 billion. Some topics that came up were; making desalinization more cost effective and re-balancing your diet to foods that leave a smaller carbon footprint.

The folks at Xanadu Island Resort believe in practicing responsible tourism and in looking after the environment – people – natural and cultural heritage – raising awareness and working together with customers, staff, suppliers and local communities to deliver responsible tourism. Xanadu has been awarded First Green Globe Certified Property in Belize by the International Center for Responsible Tourism – Belize. There are two other mainland resorts in Belize now certified as well. The resort’s buildings are monolithic domes giving the suites a unique curved architecture inside. Outside the thatched roof – beach front and lush grounds gives that Tropical Belize feeling. The domes are fireproof, soundproof, steel-reinforced concrete structures. Suites at Xanadu have everything; fully equipped kitchens, living/dining areas, central air, ceiling fans, cable television, telephones, satellite internet access, private safes, hair dryers and beach towels. On-site laundry facilities are also available. Did I mention Paul and I were ready to move in? – We told Martin that a few times, ha ha. The pool is freshwater and has a salt chlorine generator which converts salt to chlorine and is much nicer to swim in than a regular chlorinated pool. Xanadu also offers complimentary bicycles and kayaks for guests to explore the island and a wide range of tours; scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, fishing and guided eco-tours to the jungle or Maya ruins. Can be arranged through their full service tour desk with pick up and return to Xanadu’s private pier. Another cool option for those who want to split up their time between Ambergris Caye and Mainland Belize is Hidden Valley Inn located in Mountain Pine Ridge Cayo. Xanadu and Hidden Valley offer a vacation package where you can stay 3 nights at one and 4 at the other so you can easily get Beach and Jungle in one trip.

15 thoughts on “Birthday Present at Xanadu Island Resort Belize

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Emily – glad you are enjoying my blog and Belize pictures. I am sue they must have loved it too hard to imagine anyone who wouldn’t ha ha.

  2. Emily (@EmilySNC) says:

    Happy Birthday, Laurie! We have been enjoying your blog and all the wonderful photos of Belize. Met a couple on our recent trip down to AC who were staying at Xanadu on their first trip to Belize, and I am sure they must have loved it after seeing the photos!

  3. Joey Stevens & Bob says:

    Happy Birthday Laurie….hope Tacoboy got you something really nice!! Xanadu was super when we stayed there. Seriously, have a teriffic day!!!

  4. Ruthie & Chunk says:

    Happiest of birthdays to you Laurie! Enjoy your Xanadu stay, great place! Perhaps a little barbecue at their outdoor kitchen would be nice…

  5. GwenA says:

    Best wishes! Drop by the pool tomorrow for aqua fit. The water is crystal clear. But today enjoy part of our local “hood”.
    I consider it Canucks to Xanadu! Just another great part of the Island….happy B’day…from Dave and Gwen

  6. Maureen says:

    AAAHHH! That was a nice apt we had there, I am glad you were able to treat yourself! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  7. Loving the Bike says:

    Happy Birthday Taco Girl

    I’m a big believer in treating yourself and doing all the things you love for your birthday so it’s good to see you guys got to enjoy the resort.


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