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Belize City Shopping with friends

Decided to do something different today – I booked myself for 7 am Tropic Air tacogirl special to the mainland. I am going to meet up with Dick and Carole for a Belize City Adventure. I opted to catch an earlier flight so I could do a bit of a walking tour and snap some pictures before they arrived. I don’t get over to the mainland enough to know my way around well [going to change that] so I have 2 or 3 Belize maps that I printed off thanks to Google. I mark stuff off and it helps me remember where some things are like the Canadian Consulate – hoping to get there at some point today and to see if I can get some information on Dual Citizenship for Canada Belize.

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I walked a good 1.5 h around Belize City before meeting up with Dick and Carole – the plan was to meet in the Swing Bridge area for 9 am. I took the long way from Municipal airport – next time I will being my pedometer to see how far I walked – guesstimated at least 3 miles or 4.827km. Headed south down Thomas street then west to Central American Boulevard – east on Vernon – South on Magazine rd to Racoon st/ Allenby – north on Euphrates Ave and finally east on Orange street and north on Queen to go meet Dick and Carole. To give you a better idea – if you look at this Belize city Map I started at #15 and ended up around # 8 –  here is another good Belize city Map for anyone that wants one handy. We went to Brodie’s and Mirab then Dick had to go to Benny’s for 2pm so we hopped a cab and stopped at the Consulate along the way. It was funny going to Benny’s as soon as we walked in that hardware store hit me – it was a bit of a reminder of Home Depot back in Canada only a much smaller scale but very big for here. While Dick was at his appointment Carole and I went across the steer to an even bigger and newer Brodies store. We both walked around and marveled at how many choices there were there. Since it is September Celebrations this round of Belize City Pictures is about the decorations. P.S. I heard on the morning show rerun yesterday that David Marin got his Belize flag pinched off his cart – if you want to do something fun drop a flag off at Tropic Air for him – let’s see how many flags we can get there so he can redecorate his cart.

2 thoughts on “Belize City Shopping with friends

  1. tacogirl says:

    I was by myself Emily and since it was 7:30am when I started out I was not too worried about different areas – saw lots of school kids on their way to school. I still need to learn the various areas more was just going by my map and thinking about getting from a – b without getting horribly lost.

    p.s. before I headed over to the city Paul gave me his usual pep talk and told me to be safe and smart We also made a compromise to keep my ipod shuffle radio player in my bag instead of in my hand – he said not to play it at all lol but I really wanted music on my walk and since it was early morning I thought it was ok.

  2. Emily (@EmilySNC) says:

    That sounds like a great walking tour! Did you do it by yourself? How did you know what parts of town to avoid (high crime, etc), or are all the areas you walked to ok? Thanks!

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