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Weather In Belize

Wet Wednesday


Forecast for Ambergris Caye Weather:  It’s a wet one.

So far we have had about 3 inches rain from Tropical Storm Karl and it does not look like it is stopping anytime soon. TS Karl is hitting north of us and the wunderground tracking map shows it alternating between a tropical storm – tropical depression and category 1 hurricane. Even though it is not directly over us, it is causing a lot of rainy weather in Belize.  I did a quick check of the windows when I woke up and was pleased there was no water around them. Went to go let Molly out and found a big puddle by the front door – the rain was blowing that way and found it’s way in through the space between the door and jam. Of course neither Molly or Basil wanted to go outside.

D Sea – is are having a wine tasting with Premium Wines on Sat. Sept. 18. Wine, Cheese, Fruit, Crackers. Stay after and Lily’s Treasure Chest will serve dinner for anyone who wants it next door at her place or on D Sea veranda – please pass it on. To see who is coming you can check D Sea Facebook invite.

10:am looks like rain is finally letting up a bit.

5:03pm busy day doing behind the scenes work as a result did not blog as much as I had planned. Paul going to pick up sausages on the way home so I can cook us a nice meal. It is cooler now so I will bake them in the oven with veggies on the side.

5:33 switched gears and trying to dig myself out of the hole for sorting and catching up on emails. Need to add a fundraising/volunteer option to my gmail filing system. Been working through details of Alan’s fabulous donation for 10 pairs of rain boots (Size 9=2; Size 10=4, size 11=4. Total of 10 pairs) to the very worthy San Mateo Empowerment project. Letting Kim who is heading the project  know of the donation and how Eric and Vernon helped co-ordinate getting the boots down with Tm Tam and the Word at Work Church in Amarillo Texas. TT is always willing to lend a hand and does such great work here in Belize.

7:56pm cooking dinner was a total flop – it was going really well and then poof the gas tank empty. We never got any warning signs this was coming – usually we can tell by a slight smell that the tank is running low so we get it filled in time.

Tropical Storm Karl affecting Belize weather

Tropical Storm Karl causing rain in San Pedro


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  1. tacogirl September 16, 2010

    Basil is doing good Nadia he and Molly are both safe and sound inside right now while the rain falls. What are your skill sets and area of interest in regards to helping?

  2. Nadia September 16, 2010

    i know what you mean about the rain!! I thought it would never stop…. and the garden here actually flooded a bit. i was wondering about Basil… glad to know he’s with you. hope all is well. I wish I could help with the boots…. if I can do anything though let me know.

  3. tacogirl September 16, 2010

    Stop teasing me I have visions of bacon wrapped meat dancing in my head ha ha – you are a total professional compared to my skill level – what I would not give to have you here. Start playing lotto so you can come down when Chunky and Ruthie are back and celebrate.

  4. Carbunkle Trumpet September 16, 2010

    See if you had your own professional (well I wouldn’t call me a professional, maybe food junkie) cooking your meals running out of LP wouldn’t have happened. On a side note, I sent a CBT happy for you with Rumpshaker as she has arrived on the island.
    Stay dry

  5. tacogirl September 16, 2010

    Wow you have a lot of rain Harold. The boots we found here at Harmouche Hardware are about $55 Belize. That would be great if your friends are up for helping out – thanks for your efforts.

  6. harold September 15, 2010

    i know how you feel , the rain hasn’t stopped for weeks around Calgary . we haven’t had a summer yet ,we get a half day off then it starts again . thank god its been a light rain. they need more donations for boots ,how much are they. i will try to get some donations from my friends this week .

  7. tacogirl September 15, 2010

    lol will do – we all miss you too. Pets are hanging out on the towel I put down by the open veranda door.

  8. cindy September 15, 2010

    Tell basil that he’s a total pussy – miss you all!


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