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Strength in Numbers Belize Tourism Industry Association Membership Mixer

As I walked into El Divino at Banana Beach Resort I was surprised at the turn out for the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) for the Membership Campaign. Close to 80 people showed up to the mixer, a blend of business owners, San Pedro Town Council and a few residents.

Honored guest speaker Osmany Salas BTIA President & Senator and our own MC and our knowledgeable Ambergris Caye chapter chairwoman, Tamara Sniffin both had the same message; strength in numbers. We need to join together and work smarter not harder to tackle the big issues.

If there is ever a time to join BTIA and get behind making a long-lasting change it is now.

Working Hard for Belize Tourism

The reason why they had a full house was that the current BTIA members went all out in making sure people showed up. Fate also played a part for one or two ending up at El Divino at the right time and staying on for the meeting.

In my case, two of the members personally contacted me in advance to extend the offer and fill me in on why I should be at this particular meeting.

First Dianne Lawrence (QuickSilver Messenger) came to my house. She wanted to give me a heads-up on the unveiling of a plan in an area I have long hoped for change – our garbage issue. She also delivered a postcard invitation to my mailbox – which I picked up on the way to the event 😀

Closer to the event, Tamara Sniffen (Chairwoman and San Pedro Sun owner) messaged me an invitation and asked me to come out and hear the grand plan. Tamara is also a huge asset in the fight against the garbage the challenge on Ambergris. She has long championed for doing better in this area and helping the environment rebalance itself with back up through well-researched reports and scientific evidence.

Even though I was tired and did not want to leave the house that night, I had told both girls I would go plus I was excited to hear it announced.

What’s the Plan Stan?

The 2017 BTIA San Pedro chapter came together to form a solid starting point and draft a plan on how to better manage our heavy metal garbage problem. Dianne Lawrence stepped up to facilitate this far-reaching sustainable project and San Pedro Junior college said yes to the invitation to help. From the smallest detail to the largest task, the students will be guided forward in developing an ongoing way to get large metal appliances and other objects off the island. It will be a huge start in the ground detoxification process and an incredible learning process for the students.

For years, out of control garbage on Ambergris Caye has been a difficult issue that really needs to be dealt with and I am over the top excited about this new development. What a great start with unlimited potential. Dianne and I also had a brief chat about future possibilities of recycling and will definitely be talking more on that. I told her about the household battery recycling initiative I have been working on.

But Wait, it gets Even Better

120 high school students will use their community service hours to help this effort. With that many students and 6000 hours, that is a great start for manpower. But there is always room for more – You too can get involved in this major island health beautification project. The long-range benefits will be huge for everyone. There is strength in numbers and thanks to the BTIA and everyone stepping up to help them make a difference, we can overcome the garbage crisis.

About Belize Tourism Industry Association

There are several chapters countrywide; on Ambergris Caye, Belize City, Corozal, Caye Caulker, Cayo, Dangriga, Hopkins, Orange Walk, Placencia and Toledo all with different levels of strength and effectiveness.

The organization as a whole understands that it’s strength depends on strong chapters in each district. As a result, they are committed to increasing availability of tourism based education and research to help determine where to focus and what the best way forward is.

Overall Mission and Vision is available through BTIA website. Join Belize Tourism Industry Association now as the important endeavor needs more team players. Remember no matter who you are garbage affects you as well as all the other living beings that do not have a voice and need us humans to represent.

More About BTIA

Created as a broad-based tourism organization on April 26, 1985, BTIA sought to join hands and form a strong team to meet the infrastructure challenges of a very active and growing Belize tourism industry.

The association has representation on almost all levels government and also plays an active role as a bridge between public and private sectors. Tourism has become the fastest growing industry in Belize and has been pushed to the forefront of the government’s priorities thanks to BTIA’s ingenuity and hard work.

Upstairs at El Divino Restaurant Banana Beach Resort

About Belize Tourism Industry Association

El Divino Restaurant Banana Beach Resort

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