South Ambergris Caye Island

South Island Pool Time and Gorgeous Weather

Every day I can easily find a good reminder of why I am still happy I moved to Belize. Lately, it is the absence of cold that has my spirits high. Even though it is in my nature to hibernate like a bear in winter, and could easily do so way too much, I made myself get out and do something fun.

My friend Rick was doing a first time trip to the island for the day and asked if I wanted to hang out. My editor/friend Shirlee had invited me for some pool time and said yes to my request to bring a plus one. We headed south to Royal Palm Villas and spent a peaceful few hours chatting by the pool and watching the activity beyond it in the Caribbean Sea. The San Pedro Sailing Club was out on the water, there were boats doing drop-offs nearby and people enjoying dock time.

When showing someone around I usually try to take different roads, time permitting, to get to and from where ever we are headed. Instead of going back to town on the main road, I decided to cut through Escalante, (the area where Hidden Treasure restaurant is) then drove to the barge dock, and a quick pass through Captain Shark’s boatyard. The sands of the hourglass were quickly running out so we took the back roads to the airport so Rick could catch his ride back to the mainland, which was a helicopter that he flew – too cool. Next, I headed to the gas station in town to put $5 of gas in the golf cart, replacing what we used on our joyride and took a slow drive down the boat road to enjoy the sunset before returning my temporary ride to Harold at Carts Belize.

November Weather

Overall November was been a pretty great month weather-wise, in spite of the rain the first couple weeks of the month. I guess, for me, it also has to do largely with why I moved here – escape cold. Most of the US and Canada are beginning to feel its bite by now, but in Belize, the weather is just getting perfect. The end of November meant the end of rainy season and hurricane season so let’s hope someone told the weather gods. So far so good as it hasn’t rained (during the day) in a week and I haven’t seen a hurricane on the news in months.

Winter in Belize

Today marks the first day of December and it was breezy enough that I needed to wear a jacket for most of my dock workout this morning. In general, Winter in Belize is the perfect time to visit. The humidity is low and rain is minimal, which means very few mosquitoes. It almost makes me forget how hot and humid it gets in the summer…almost. Some days it even gets below 70°F (21°C) and we all get to put on sweatshirts and hoodies. It is funny to see the true Belizeans wearing jackets and beanies on these days. 

Temperatures range from 65°F (18°C) at night to 85°F (29°C) during the day. A gentle breeze usually blows and we all get to give our air conditioners a much-needed break for a couple months. 

While locals may find it cold, tourists are still generally thrilled. You can usually spot them a mile away. They are the ones wearing shorts and tank tops, which tend to highlight their whiteness or as they say down here “clear skin”. That’s on the first day of their vacation, of course. The second day they show up pink. Don’t forget that even though it is cool, you will still easily burn in the Caribbean Sun – always use sun protection.

Moral Of The Story

I used to dread the icy cold winters back home what felt like forever freezing. I absolutely love the winters in Belize. Visit Belize just once in the dead of winter and you see what I mean. More than likely you will quickly start contemplating your escape to paradise.

Beats Winter Any Day

I will leave you with a few pictures of our gorgeous winter weather 😀

South Ambergris Caye Island

South Ambergris Caye Island

Downtown San Pedro Belize

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