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Spice up Your Belize Vacation

A while back I got an email from a man named Gabriel. He found me on the Trip Advisor Belize Travel Forum while doing some research for an upcoming trip to Ambergris Caye. He went onto say that his group really wanted to see the Blue Hole, but don’t want to take a 2.5-hour boat ride and asked if I knew if Tropic Air does private charters over the blue hole. He was thinking a great way to begin their vacation would be to start at Belize International Airport with a private charter, do a scenic flight over the blue hole and then finish off at San Pedro Airport.  

I wrote him back and let him know I thought it was a great idea and that Tropic Air was still doing the Blue Hole tours. It could be done from Belize City as well as the leaving from San Pedro. 

Blue Hole Tour

The plane follows the reef line south to historic St. George’s Caye, then heads east to Half Moon Caye and Lighthouse Reef Atoll onto the Blue Hole. You will make a few passes of this natural wonder, and return with a great view of Northern Two Cayes and north Ambergris Caye near Rocky Point, where the reef gets really close to the island. From there, the plane takes you along the Barrier Reef to San Pedro Town. On this journey, you also will have the opportunity to see Turneffe Atoll, the Booby Bird Sanctuary, shipwrecks, Manatees, and other animals. 

Pricing for Blue Hole Tour

2 passengers – 3 seater plane $1,059.53 Belize Dollars + $5.00 riders fee per person
4 passengers – 6 seater plane  $1,816.88 Belize Dollars + $5.00 riders fee per person
6 passengers – 13 seater plane  $4,528.13 Belize Dollars + $5.00 riders fee per person

Please note Tropic Air Tours pricing above is based on current March 2016 rates and can be subject to change.

Spice up your love life in Belize

Not only did Gabe spice up his Belize Vacation, Gabriel also spiced up his romance. Below is his review on the tour and a magic moment.

We loved our time on Ambergris Caye and our blue hole flight was the highlight! We saw a couple of shipwrecks and the pilot flew down low so we could see some manatees and the bird sanctuary. Looking through the photos makes me want to go back…maybe next year!

I actually proposed to my fiance Arial during the flight over and we are getting married this October! She had no idea. She was sitting up in the co-pilot seat taking pictures when I tapped her on the shoulder! I wasn’t even planning on doing it then, but I had the ring and it seemed like the perfect setting so went for it.


Congratulations to you both, may you have a long and happy marriage. Since your pictures have you thinking about next year, how about the after party? Here is a good post for some tropical honeymoon ideas Top 10 Romantic things to do in Belize part 2 – tacogirl

flying over lighthouse reef belize
Lighthouse Reef
blue hole belize
Blue Hole
tropic air belize
Blue Hole tour by plane
flying over blue hole belize
Flying to Blue Hole
belize barrier reef
Cut in the Barrier reef
tropic air belize
Blue Hole Tour
tropic air tours
Tropic Air blue hole tour
tropic air belize blue hole tour
Blue Hole tour
barrier reef belize
Amazing picture of the Barrier Reef
caribbean sea belize
The Water color and patterns are stunning
shipwercks in belize
Flying over a wreck on Blue Hole tour
blue hole belize
Shipwreck on the Blue Hole tour
belize tourism board
Belize a great place to vacation

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