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South San Pedro Errand Run
Calm water

South San Pedro Errand Run

Since we had use of one of Pedro’s carts I asked Paul if we could head south for an errand run to drop something to Jules at Casa Escalante. While there Jules was showing us some cool plants and asked us to up to the rooftop patio to enjoy the view, what a gorgeous day.

After that we headed to do a few more errands in town and got home just in time as it started raining off and on again. I would totally be catching up on Project Runway marathon right now but it has been raining heavy for over an hour and our direct TV keeps going out of range, hopefully it will come back on soon. The last thunder clap was so loud it just shook the house and I can only imagine what the back roads will be like tomorrow. Mud puddles are like our island version of slush and snow without the cold.



  1. Jules said “Drew Brees”

  2. Tell Jules his cousin, Todd, from New Orleans says who dat!

  3. So true Charlotte. I just do not like it when the pool gets too cold and I have to wear a wet suit to class 🙂

  4. I would much rather have excessive mud puddles than slush and snow.

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