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Way Delayed by Power Out

I was planning to blog this morning and finishing up some other work first when the power suddenly went out. I heard Paul mutter a curse word on the veranda and say he was just about to go back to work. The power was supposed to go out an hour earlier and when it didn’t we thought we might have a reprieve on the 2 hour scheduled power outage. Apparently not; BEL was just on Belize time 🙂

We had a ton of rain last night but rather than post puddle pictures today you can see pretty much what it looked like from one of my Hurricane Ernesto posts. There were some big lakes on my favorite rout through San Pablo today. I forgot to ask what the rain gauges said up at Grand Caribe but we sure got slammed down south for most of the night and it was still raining lightly when I woke up at 6 am.

It is 8:50 pm now and it just started pouring again, something tells me we may be in for a bit of a wet spell. Off to go close the windows before there are puddles inside. I will leave you with 3 random Sunny pictures.

south ambergris caye
Super Buy south
san pedro weather
Palm trees and blue skies
downtown san pedro
San Pedro town


2 thoughts on “Way Delayed by Power Out

  1. tacogirl says:

    It feels a little too cold this morning Tim, hoping it warms up and I do not need my wetsuit for the pool. Thanks for coming by yesterday.

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