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Mexico Rocks

Got my bikini on and I am so ready for a Sunday afternoon Belize boat adventure. We are heading north to Mexico Rocks area with Di Short bus and Miss Carole for some snorkeling and a picnic lunch. Some days nothing beats being out on the water to kick back and relax. Even though I was still working taking pics for the blog I felt like I got some time off and much needed time away from my lap top.

Snorkeling was nice but there was a lot of bleached looking coral which is concerning. Cindy did a great job of driving the boat considering that right now there is no reverse option and the steering is crap. When we were trying to dock at the Palapa Bar not being able to reverse landed us in shallow water so Paul got out to push us in the right direction then Cindy jumped in to help  steer – I took pics and Dick Carole & Steve just stood on the dock and laughed.

What a great day.


  1. We all had a great time and Cindy is good captain/driver. Any chance you will be back by the 1ith or 18th? Birthday celebrations are being planned.

  2. Adventures on “Di Short Bus” classic…I was wondering how Cindy’s big adventure started. Good to se everyone having fun on the water. Pretty soon we will have enough boats for a good pub crawl…I will be back in late April…

  3. That sounds very cool Amy. I would like that option at home.

  4. We have a “channel” at the spa that shows only the Belize coral reef and it is so beautiful……will have to take some video of it and send it to you. Fabulous color…..

  5. Thanks Erin – they were for sure.

  6. gorgeous pics!
    looks like molly n paul were keeping my seat warm.

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