San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Day Dreaming

Sitting here drinking my second iced coffee and listening to the birds sing. I wish I could say I was taking a day off but still trying to finish a big project for next week. Been working downloading coast to coast and chatting on the coconut phone off and on all day and into the evening.

I was sorting through some old pics earlier trying to find a needle in a haystack and got looking at some boat pics and west side of the island. It got me daydreaming and wishing I was out on the water enjoying the sun instead of sitting at my desk. To help remedy that situation I opened both curtains wide and enjoyed the canal view while working.

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2 thoughts on “Day Dreaming

  1. tacogirl says:

    Nice Harold – May is coming up fast. That picture is the mood I was in yesterday and wishing I was in that chair instead of an office one.

  2. harold says:

    it looks so beautiful and i can’t wait to be there . my wife and i are coming to Belize in may for two weeks . i hope to insert myself on a few beaches.

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